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Build with Orbs

A collection of tools & demos built using Orbs network infrastructure
Getting Started
Orbs Starter Kit

A github project template what wires smart contract file, contract and client sdk together.

Orbs Projects Generator

Generate a scaffolding for your new project.

Getting Started
Provenance & Notarization
Provenance & Notarization
Art Provenance

Mints tokens representing famous paintings and transfers ownership between random addresses to create provenance history.

Document Notarization

Store document information and verify any document easily.

Copyrights & Owenership
Copyrights & Ownership
Open Rights

Register your Instagram images automatically in a decentralized tamper-proof distibuted ledger.

Open Rights Camera

Extension to Open Camera Android application that registers newly shot image in a dedicated smart contract.


Public Domain book registering for verification of metadata about books that are registered on the Public Domain.

Libraries & SDK
Libraries & SDK
Gamma CLI

Command line utility that controls local orbs node, deploys contracts, issues transactions and queries.

Orbs Contract SDK

Development Kit in Go language to use in smart contracts.

Orbs Client SDK

Development Kit in JavaScript for Browser and NodeJS that allows to interact to interact with smart contracts.

Notary Library

Embed notary functionality into any service you like.

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